This digital history book for kids is a journey through Trondheim’s 1000-year-old history. By means of an interactive time line and map, we let the children move back and forth between centuries and see how the city changes over time. Text and voice are in both Norwegian and English. We have also made a Time Travel Trondheim paper book, published on Museumsforlaget. The app contains a treasure hunt with GPS-location where the user must visit different places in Trondheim to collect virtual gold coins. And (spoiler alert!) on the final location, everyone gets a real – not-digital – reward. In May 2017, Time Travel Trondheim was awarded the Digital Ehon Award in the category Digital Educational Material. This is an international award for digital children’s books which is presented in Tokyo every other year. The project was funded by the foundation Selskabet for for Trondhjems Bys Vel, and we collaborated with a large team of historians, educators, composers, sound engineers and actors.

We learned a lot about Trondheim that we didn’t know before, and were happy to see how the interactive map and timeline made it easier for kids to understand the concept of time – and the difference between near and remote past. We asked Klaus Joacim Sonstad to do all the different voices in the book – which resulted in him toggling between being the storyteller, a talking rock at Munkholmen and the city founder, Olav Tryggvasson! Trondheim municipality has decided that all pupils in primary and lower secondary school in Trondheim should have access to Tidsreise Trondheim, and for that purpose we have made a web version of the app with FEIDE log-in.



This is just wonderful. A real showpiece for both young and older readers.

Book blogger Reading Randi