ablemagic is all about storytelling and development. We work for clients and we create our own projects. Our main focus is always the good (or important – or unimportant but nevertheless amusing) story. 

ablemagic exists because of a story – and the urge to tell it. In 2007, Nina was bored at a seminar. In her notebook she scribbled down the idea that later became the story universe ’tisu. After just a few months, she had borrowed money, quit her job and made contact with Ingrid, who drew the first ’tisubaby – a character in a game. 

With time, market changes and the people working in the company we have grown and developed. Today we work with different platforms, target groups and technologies, but our goal is always to create unique story experiences.

Nina Fjelnset

CEO | nina@ablemagic.no

CEO Nina was the one to establish ablemagic in 2007, after having worked for several years in advertising and with theatre. She has a passion for storytelling in anything from games to TV-shows, books and digital toys. Her core competence lies in strategic and conceptual work.

Jan Erik Wold

CTO | janerik@ablemagic.no

Jan Erik is a tech freak with focus on new concepts and innovation, as well as system design. Jan Erik is our main contact with tomorrow’s technology and development. He believes that technology is a tool to enhance the experience.

Rinsai Moontika

Developer | rinsai@ablemagic.no

Rinsai has an education in multimedia technology and experience from 3D. In the ablemagic team she covers many functions, but works mostly with motion graphics, game design and development.

Marte Rye Bårdsen

Editor, concept developer | marte@ablemagic.no

Marte is responsible for everything text based and everything with literary qualities. She also works with concept and idea development. Before joining ablemagic she has worked in advertising and as freelance writer.

Ingrid Baadnes 

Lead designer, illustrator | ingrid@ablemagic.no

Ingrid is an illustrator and a designer, she has worked as both a freelancer and as a designer at agencies. The whole ’tisu universe was created by Ingrid. She is ablemagic’s lead 2D-artist.

Janne Magnussen

Illustrator, designer | janne@ablemagic.no

Janne is a structured and efficient artist with a remarkable range of expression – she can draw caricatures, emotional aquarelles, cute icons and dramatic scenes.

Hallgeir Løkken

Developer | hallgeir@ablemagic.no

Hallgeir holds an MA in computer technology from NTNU but has been with ablemagic ever since he did his bachelors here, even maintaining contact when he did a semester in Kyoto, Japan. He invents and solves problems together with the rest of us while taking the lead on software development.

Andrea Salte Voie

Business administrator

Andrea has a Master in economy and business administration from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She is responsible for finances and business administration in ablemagic.

Simone Bak Laursen

Service designer | simone@ablemagic.no

Simone has a Bachelor in Media science and a Master in Experience economy from Aarhus University. Before she joined ablemagic, she created experiences for kids based on existing TV concepts in Denmark.