The Nose was released in 2013 and was the very first kids app from ablemagic. This is an interactive story about a nose that wakes up just to discover that it is all alone. The reader must help it find the eyes, ears and mouth by smelling, tasting and listening. The story is made for the youngest kids and is a fun and different way to learn about the sense. The text is available both in Norwegian and English and is read by Kristofer Hivju in both languages. The app contains also jigsaw puzzles and a «make your own face»-activity.


The Nose is structured as a classical picture book, but with some game elements where the reader must interact for the story to develop. We have also added some interactive elements that allow the child to explore the surroundings in each scene in its own pace; turning the lamps on and off, peek into drawers and cabinets, look for the dinosaur or play with the building blocks – before following the Nose on its search for the mouth, ears and eyes. The beautiful music is composed by Nora Mihle, Hege Mærvoll Stien and Lars Holdaas, and was made in a collaboration with Tempo / Trondheim Calling.



The Nose rules! Imaginative digital book for the youngest.

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