In this kids app, you play hide-and-seek in the dark with Esther and her dog Napoleon. You control Esther’s flashlight beam with you finger as you move from one room to another – looking for the dog that keeps running away. Just as exciting as finding Napoleon, is exploring all the things you can imagine when everything is dark. Fortunately, the monster in the kitchen turns out to be only the fridge when lit up by the flashlight, and all the tiny creatures in the bookshelf are suddenly gone.

Early in the development stage, Napoleon had a short text about Esther and her dog, but we soon discovered that words were unnecessary. We ended up creating a small-scale adventure game which is also a bedtime story, hide-and-seek and a play with light and shadow; a beautifully illustrated kids app with surprising interaction and amusing details that make the children want to play again and again.



Napoleon is developed also for the Apple-TV, where you use the remote as flashlight.