We were challenged by researchers at SINTEF to come up with a game where you test children’s hearing ability by recognizing word combinations through noise – without the use of text, so the test can be used also on children that have not yet learnt how to read. In the game, you hear word combinations through noise and touch the image of the object you think you just heard. If you touch the right image, you get to see a short animation of a penguin doing something with the object you chose.

To find story and gameplay we started out with the words that we had to use in the test – combinations of words that are the result of years of research: «mørke kasser», «lyse kasser», «mørke ringer», «lyse ringer», etc. – meaning dark boxes, light boxes, dark rings, light rings etc. We decided to make a black-and-white universe to make is easy for the children to differ between dark and light objects. In addition, we wanted to use the noise from the test as part of the narrative – as wind, water and traffic noise. And that’s how this hearing test ended up with Lyder the penguin, leading a busy life in, well, urban Antarctica.


This project has been made possible by the Norwegian ExtraFoundation for Health and Rehabilitation.


Try the game: