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"NÅ ER" is the counterpart of "HER BOR", made for older children and young adults. Providing the same features and benefits as "HER BOR", "NÅ ER" is tailor made for teens and the unique issues they may face with different topics and more mature graphics. "NÅ ER" has been used successfully in meetings with youths in the child welfare system, both face to face and remotely.


«Her Bor» is a digital communication tool developed in partnership with Barneverngruppa at Statsforvalteren i Trøndelag. One of their tasks is to talk with children and young people living in child welfare residential care, and to ensure that the institution gives responsible care. Barneverngruppa wanted to explore new ways to improve their supervision. «Her Bor» is a communication tool that mainly aims at elevating and securing the children's voices during supervision.

With «Her Bor» the goal is to make the children feel safe and experience equality in the interaction.

Statsforvalteren refers to improved communication by use of the app during their meetings with the children. The app is distributed directly to those responsible for supervision of child welfare residential care in all of Norway.