Bub is a puzzle-adventure with its own unique artwork and music. It was also ablemagic’s first release in the App Store. The game is from 2008, but has been given a make-over so players can meditate their way through the game again. Bub can be played by anyone, but especially those who want to escape from the world for a while. Try it with headphones!

You use a bubble to collect seeds, flowers, strange bugs and other living creatures. In each level you discover new items, new challenges and – after a while – various enemies. The game consists of five different forest worlds with unique musical themes composed by Hans Magnus Ryan, better known as guitar player in Motorpsycho.

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We found ourselves utterly absorbed by the simple yet challenging gameplay and the presentation – the backgrounds in particular but also the power ups that make the background glow and shimmer with light, the reflections of objects and trees swimming around in the bubble and the aforementioned soundtrack and bleeps and bloops of seeds.

Games Uncovered, april 2010