Bruno is an interactive picture book about the little boy Bruno and his grandfather, the painter, and what we do to make the people we love happy. When grandpa lacks inspiration and refuses to paint, Bruno searches the town for a new color that no one has ever seen before.


The book has both Norwegian and English text and voice, and contains also jigsaw puzzles and a coloring activity. The Norwegian voice-over is read by nine-year-old Eilif Nergaard while a young, but still grown-up Ailish Octigan reads the English version.


Bruno was awarded the Digital Ehon Award in 2015. This is an international award for digital children’s books which is presented in Tokyo every other year.

When we developed Bruno, we wanted to concentrate on text and illustrations – as in a traditional picture book. We wanted to investigate the interactive book format without disturbing the calm reading experience and the classical narrative. Our solution was to come up with an alternative way of «turning the page».


In this book, you move from one scene to the next by touching a tiny origami butterfly with fluttering wings. When you press the butterfly, the image folds together – as a sheet of paper – and becomes a new butterfly that flies into the next scene where it sits down. The butterfly is also a part of the narrative as it sometimes gives color to objects, and other times is colored by its surroundings.


Some details lack color until Bruno discovers them and they are touched by the butterfly. This device is a good way to use the potential of the format – where the animated effects contribute to the narration.

Marie L. Kleve, Dagbladet