In The Nidaros Cathedral’s «Stained Glass Workshop», children can make their own work of art with paper, coloring pencils and our scanner. Once scanned, the shapes that the kids have colored are projected directly on the church wall and transform into a beautiful image filled with light – almost like a real glass painting! Every day, one of the walls in the cathedral is filled up with the children’s own «glass paintings».

The installation is developed in close collaboration with the Nidaros Cathedral Restoration Workshop. The parish was involved in choosing motifs and location. The installation with drawing table and tower for scanner and projector was built by craftsmen from the restoration workshop to blend in well with the church interior. And the activity is placed in a larger dissemination context by guides and visitors services.

We used to have a table for coloring, but to be able to put your drawing into a box and then watch it come to life on the wall, is both new and different. It feeds engagement and curiosity

Ingrid Forseth,

manager of dissemination at the Nidaros Cathedral

This is really exciting for the children, and a great opportunity to talk about glass painting and other subjects from the cathedral’s history. It’s a little bit like going on a treasure hunt.

Kjerstin Høyen,

educational leader at The Domkirken kindergarden