SpinTrip is a platform game with puzzles and adventures. The world of SpinTrip is full of weird and wonderful creatures. You play a little blue creature called 'tisu and fight off enemies and solve puzzles as you spin your way through forests and clouds. SpinTrip was first distributed through Chillingo in 2011, but has since then had many updates and ad-ons.

Together with Bub, SpinTrip is one of our first games, and they both belong to the ’tisu story universe. The ablemagic story started with ’tisu, and though we never got to realize neither the MMO game nor the TV series, we are proud of the two existing games in the series.


SpinTrip is a delightful platformer aimed at kids and the young at heart; far from a completely casual experience, it provides some challenge to experienced gamers while still being easy enough for less skilled hands.