Living gallery is a digital solution for Svein Magnus Håvarstein's art. The children, primarily those between 6 and 12 years old, are introduced to typical techniques, atmospheres, motifs and themes in the artist's pictures – while being encouraged to make their own pictures inspired by Håvarstein.


They can, for instance, imitate the techniques used by Håvarstein, draw their own interpretations of the same motives – or come up with their own motivs that they mean convey the feelings Håvarstein was concerned with.


Once finished, the images can be scanned with an app, so that the children's own contribution will become part of Håvarstein's living gallery. With the app they can also play with various filters before sending their image to the gallery.

The gallery will change constantly, displaying the artist's own work, but also highlight how children interpret and are inspired by his illustrations.


The gallery is web based so that «everyone» can visit the gallery at the same time – either at a school, at the library or in the city hall. The pictures in the gallery are organized in different exhibition rooms and are sorted by theme, emotion and atmosphere.