In collaboration with the Kosmorama International Film Festival 2016 and 2017, we made a digital children's activity based on the theme for the festival's children's program, Kosmokids. In 2017 we made the Robot Factory. Here the kids could put together parts and make their own robot on touch screens (our own Munti Box), or on an app they could download to their own or their parents’ mobile phone.

Then they could give their robot a name and send it to work in the big factory on a big screen in the cinema foyer. In the factory there was a high level of activity with all kinds of robot workers created by the children at Kosmokids. The Robot Factory was renamed Maker Bots during Trondheim Maker Fair 2017.

The characters start walking around after we’ve made them. We color them, they get arms or legs, and then they do saltos, wave or fall asleep. It is great fun.

Kids at Kosmorama 2016, interviewed by Adresseavisen